Lightningstrike of RapidClan

  • I live in somewhere in the US
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is Being a fan of a bunch of things.
  • I am A GIRL
  • Lightningstrike of RapidClan

    just a reminder that the roleplay wiki still lives!!

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  • Lightningstrike of RapidClan

    Hello everyone and Kiera. I'm here to talk. U see, we've tried. You just kept messing it up, you know, here we have rules. Kiera, what did we ever do to you? When you first came I thought we could have a new user and friend. But then you started messing up our pages, and all I could ask was 'why?' can't you be nice? can't we be friends? I need an answer from Kiera. Also, my wiki users plz chat with Kiera here too. I need reasoning, and I'm determinied to help solve this problem and keep the wiki happy and sparkly.

    signing off, Ⓛⓘⓖⓗⓣⓝⓘⓝⓖ ♑

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  • Lightningstrike of RapidClan

    Hey all ya peeps! As you all know, roleplay has started. At least, the test has. Soon, I want to test out tons of other ways to rp, and a few of the suggestions are:

    • Forum
    • Dedicated Thread
    • Chat

    so if you ever think fo anything else, comment and I'll update. I just edited this wiki's design, how do you like it?

    • NO, I hate it. (hey, could you jump into that pit? that deadly pit?)
    • Could use some more work
    • It's fine.
    • AWESOMESAUCE!!! (yay! :D)

    (also comment on the wiki)

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