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Welcome to Fortuna, an RP where you can travel the stars as anything up to and including a walking, talking, flying one-eyed pink cactus with wings! The character creation system mostly runs off two systems: the Traits System and the Stats System. The Stats System is like what you would find in RPGs. The 'stats' are, in order, Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, Endurance, Agility, Luck. All stats except Luck range from 1-10, Luck ranges from 0-10. All stats must add up to 27.

The Traits System is what keeps characters balanced and is split into 5 parts. Green traits represent the positive aspects of characters, while red traits represent flaws. Blue traits are more neutral things that aren't exactly good or bad. Purple traits tend to be passive and mysteriously worded while yellow traits are activatable abilities. Both purple traits and yellow traits are rare and in a crew of 10 people, only one or two have purple or yellow traits.

If you enter as a crew, please make sure to list the spaceship your crew uses unless you want me to give you a random spaceship. Starting crews can be from 3-8 people and the size depends on the ship. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT TRY MAKING CUSTOM SHIPS. If you enter as just a single character, choose a pre-existing crew to join (With that crew's creator's permission). Character descriptions are recommended but not required.

A list of traits can be found at

  • All characters must have at least one red trait and one green trait, with blue traits, purple, and yellow traits being optional.
  • All traits must by clearly labeled by color and sorted into the correct colors. Failure to sort trait colors correctly will result in character termination.
  • Purple traits are not allowed in quantities of more than 1 per 4/5 characters. Going over the limit will result in character or crew termination.
  • Yellow traits are not allowed in quantities of more than 1 per 4/5 characters. Going over the limit will result in character or crew termination.
  • If your character has been terminated from this page, it means they were not accepted.

Example Character: Bob (Generic): [Quick Thinker], [Boring] 5 5 5 4 4 4

  • A slightly mint-colored generic wearing a generic outfit. Both of his antennae are bent backwards.

Please put your characters and crews below the line, and PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT WINGS OF FIRE OCS WITHOUT MAKING SURE THEY ACTUALLY FIT IN A SPACE SETTING. Other than that, your characters can be whatever you want.

- The Narrator / AstrumWing (talk)

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