Okay, I think I'm speaking for everyone here. I'm confused on who is male and who is female (no offense, of course). So I'm gonna try to set up a chart below. Please insert your name and gender below. I did some examples


Mysterygirl000  =  Female

Companion7  =  Female

Lightningstrike of RapidClan  = Female

ZodiaDragon  =  Male

Atomicake  = Male

Biocraft = Male

16.505225cb =  Female/Male

Officialjessieparks =  Female

Olympia the SkyWing = 

Crystalline the Awesome Icewing  =

Ryuki-Tak = Male

Aiden1200 = Male

Kirbydreamlander101= female



Shadowandsilverluv19 = Female

Talonsofpeace123 = Male

SnowblastTheIceWing = Female

Oyster0105 = Female

Charlizard21 = Female

Dragon Characters


Marceline  =  Female


Electro  =  Male

Static  =  Female


Fear  =  Male

Queen Emerald = Female

Dracula  =  Male

Reaper = Male


Volca  =  Female

Aiden = Male

ForestWings  Oak  =  Male

Silva  =  Female


Crystalline  =  Female

Frostbite = Male

Moonshine = female

Snowflake = Female

Snowblast = Male


Queen Star  =  Female

Ember  =  Female

NightLock  =  Male

Zodia  =  Female

Eclipse  =  Male

Szazo = Male

Starwatcher = Male

RainWings Flash  =  Female

Prepona  =  Female

Iris  =  Female

Wiliodis = Female

SandWings Scorpia  =  Female

Scorpio  =  Male

Rattle = Female

SeaWings Seabreeze  =  Female

Finely  =  Male

Tsunami  =  Female

Tide = Male


Flame  =  Female

Mountain Fury  =  Female

Flicker = Female

SwiftWings Zip  =  Female

Starbolt  =  Female

Lightning  =  male

Gyr  =  Male

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