Please type your characters name, gender, rank and who plays it in the correct section. After this we can get roleplaying!!


Marceline- Female- Princess- Crystalline the awesome IceWing


Electro- Duke (atomicake)

Static- female- princess-Crystalline the awesome IceWing

Spark- female, dragonet- Flurrykitty


Fear- Queen (atomicake)

Dracula-male-member- Crystalline the awesome IceWing


FlameWings/ PyrowingsEdit

Volca, ZodiaDragon, Female, Queen

Aiden, Male, Member? (Raised Secludedly), Aiden1200

Phoenix, female, princess- Flurrykitty

inferno, female, solider -destiny the nightwing

scorch, male, solider- destiny the nightwing


Oak-duke (atomicake)

Silva-Female-Princess- Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Amber- female, friends with an IceWing- Flurrykitty


Crystalline-Female-princess-Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Frost- Female-Dragonet-Daisykittyartist

Frostbite-Male-renagade gaurd-Riptide the dashing

Cristil-Female-daughter of runaway princess-Cristil-the-Icewing

Snowflake - Friends with a NightWing- Shadowandsilverluv19

Blizzard- male, elder- Flurrykitty

Shard- An IceWing soilder- QueenClam

Archipelago-  Male - Guard - yuttyannus14

Surovyy - Male - ex-royal guard - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Seal - Female dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Sleet - Male dragonet - Student at Jade Academy - Shadow99598


Moss- female, queen, loves statues- Flurrykitty

Twigley-female, princess - Flurrykitty

Cattail - Female dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - Hatched from blood-red egg - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t


Star (Mysterygirl000) Female, Queen, NightWings Luna Mirage Ruler of All Pyrrhia NightLock-Male-Member-Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Zodia, ZodiaDragon, Female, Member



Szazo- Male, Exile, Aiden1200

Hellprophet - Female dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Mystery - Female, Princess - CrushedTurtle


Flash-female, queen (Companion7)

Prepona-female-member-Crysatalline the Awesome IceWing

Iris, female, member, Lightningstrike of RapidClan

Sakuya-female, princess, lionpaw315

Papaya - Male dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - Mute uses a RainWing version of Aquatic to communicate - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Walnut - Male - Gatherer - ArkayneShad0w


Mirage-Female-Assasstion future to be ruler of Pyrrihia

Scorpia- female- member- Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Scorpio-male-loner SandWing- Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Timber Female-member- Lulerb03

Honey- female, royal guard- Flurrykitty

Fenic - Male dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t


Seabreeze (Brook)-female-Princess-Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Finely(call him Fin)-Male-member -Crystalline the awesome IceWing


Kai (means "seawater" in hawaiian I think)-female-member-MoonyDragon3388


Torrent- female, dragonet- Flurrykitty

Clam- Queen Clam

Stingray - Male dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - Brother to Tsunami - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Shell - female dragonet -BlueFang2919

Queen Clam- Female Adult- QueenClam

Lava - Female dragonet- Main character of a fanfiction - IggyVolts


Flame princess(Flame spark or spark)-female-Princess-Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Mountain Fury, female, warrior, Lightningstrike of RapidClan

Sol, Male, prince, Solar the Skywing

Typhoon- male, duke- Flurrykitty

Red, female, dragonet, RoyalRaven

Silver - Female dragonet - member of a group in my fanfic (Coming Soon) - Born with slightly too much fire very warm but doesnt burn unless touched for too long - H3llz0wnPr0ph3t

Mirage - Prince, adoptive son of Queen Ruby(IceWing/SkyWing Hybrid), Male, teenager, former general of SkyWing Army, brother to Peril, NightWing Descended - PrinceMirageoftheSkyWings


Zip (Mysterygirl000) Female, Member

Starbolt, female, queen, Lightningstrike of RapidClan

Lightning-female-princess - Crystalline the Awesome IceWing

Gyr-male, member Companion7

Jagged- male, elder, crooked tail - Flurrykitty

Thunderwings Edit

Acorn, female gold warrior

Storm, black male

Leaf, male brownish 

Jay, silver female

Holly, female red

Thorn, male gold

Ash male.silver

Squirrel female ginger 


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