Brightsight the nightwing reference

Brightsight Reference

"Why do you wish to make this deal?"

~Brightsight about to attack


Name: Brightsight

Gender (By Look): Androgynous

Gender (Reality): Male

Age: 19 Dragon Years

Personality: Very sarcastic, up themselves and highly emotional they will sometimes care for others if they are a friend or enemy but prefers friends. 

They are known as 'The Striped Traitor' by other dragons who know of their history.

History: They were born in a cave above the waters and their parents were a humble NightWing and a loyal SeaWing, the father was well known and the mother was very sweet and caring.

Unlike their child, who was going to be a very snooty dragon.

A few years later, the mother got swept away by a flood which left the father alone.

The father got very sad and angry, then realised that if they hadn't had their child above the sea then his wife would be still alive.

So he abandoned the child on its own to die and left the area.

The next day, the child woke up to find out that their parents were gone, but they thought that they will come back so they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited .. or over 3 weeks.

The tiny dragon realised that the 2 older dragons left him, so he was very lonely.

They tried to fly out of the cave many times, but fell into the ocean each time.

When they turned 2 years old, they could now finally fly out of the cave and not drop into the ocean.

But through the distance, the child saw there was a group of 3 dragons who had just recently destroyed 2 homes for fun.

One of the dragons noticed a small blue baby dragon fly through the air and told the others, they laughed at this and continued their job.

Until suddenly, a medium-sized ball of flame went through them all and they finally saw the dragon on top of a rock.

It growled at them and they still laughed until they saw the shadow of a giant dragon above it, they ran off while the small dragon felt proud but didn't notice why they were really scared.

They turned around and saw a large red and peach 

The giant dragon